Knit sweaters: from grandpa’s classic to your absolute favorite

It looks like grandpa has always kept up with the trends. The knit sweater is back, or maybe never really went out of style? No fashion-conscious man should do without a Norwegian sweater. We’ve added a touch of contemporary flair to this classic and timeless item. Each Leif Nelson sweater is unique and features distinct knit patterns such as cable stitch and overlapping mesh, combined with leather tabs and wooden buttons for a style like no other. Check out our looks and see for yourself.

Knit sweaters: casual and elegant

Men’s knit sweaters are both chic and casual. They can be thick to keep you warm in the winter, or thin for a fabulous body-hugging fit that can’t help but turn heads in the summer. Check out our large selection of knit sweaters to find the perfect item for every occasion.

A warm knit sweater is ideal for the office. You can also wear one for a formal event that calls for a more elegant outfit. Thanks to their material, men’s knit sweaters are both sophisticated and classy. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be casual.

Knit sweaters can be worn for a night out at the movies, while curling up at home on the couch, or when hanging out with your pals at the bar. It’s all about the cut and details - with the right finishes, knit sweaters can quickly become cool and casual.

Men’s knit sweaters have definitely outgrown their conservative reputation. Once reserved for visiting the gramps, today you can wear them at the office, on a date, or while chilling with friends.

Knit sweaters: styles and colors

Flecked styles combine several colors into one knitted pattern to provide a sweater with a roughened look. Anything but boring, these sweaters wow with their impressive palette of colors.

Soft stand-up collars provide for extra warmth in the winter. Not only do they keep your neck warm, but they’re incredibly stylish. Stand-up collars are extremely sophisticated and classy. Our knit sweaters are made with gorgeous neckline details, including leather straps, buttons, and zippers. These small details add unique style and make our sweaters stand out from others.

Men’s patterned knit sweaters

While the cut and color of a knit sweater are crucial, its pattern also plays a vital role in defining its style. Braids, cable stitch, rhombus patterns, delicate details, chunky textures...Leif Nelson has the perfect look for you. When browsing our sweaters, note how a chessboard pattern can have a totally different effect than a chunky small-meshed knit. All our knit sweaters are made with the utmost attention to detail, allowing you to find just the right style for you. Or several - after all, winter is frigid and tends to drag on!

Body-hugging knitwear for men

Body-hugging knit sweaters are perfect for bringing out all your best features. They're exquisitely soft and made with a smooth texture that fits like a second skin. Leif Nelson brings your street style to life with the highest-quality men’s knit sweaters.

Knit sweaters for winter

Nothing keeps you warm like a knit sweater. When the cold weather arrives, you often need more than a simple shirt to stay warm. For many hipsters, this creates a dilemma. How do you stay chic in the winter without being chilled to the bone? Look no further than the men’s knit sweater.

Knit sweaters can be snug-fitting or loose and concealing. We offer a large selection of ultramodern knit sweaters modeled after the street styles of the world’s biggest metropolises. Inspired by the latest trends, these sweaters are designed with all the hottest cuts, shapes, and colors. At Leif Nelson, our goal is to keep you both warm and stylish this winter.

The allure of modern knit sweaters

Still not convinced? The first cold days are on the way. It’s better to stock up on warm clothing now than freeze later. Ordering online is easy. Simply browse the large selection of high-quality Leif Nelson knit sweaters and have your order delivered directly to your home.

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