Men’s jean shorts – the new summer musts

When the mercury rises in the summer, it’s time to pull out your favorite shorts. Check out our new line of jean shorts. You can wear them with a T-shirt or tank top for a relaxed daytime look, or a breezy button-down shirt for that hot new restaurant. Whatever you decide, we'll make sure you stay nice and cool.

Jean shorts - all the rage in 2018

Hard to believe? It’s true, jean shorts are making a major comeback in 2018. They’ve always been great for lounging around the house, but now jean shorts are making their way out into the public. Feel free to pair these comfortable and casual shorts in new and creative ways, and enjoy a sweat-free summer while showing off your buff lower body. Jean shorts are must-haves this season and will go perfectly with all your button-down shirts. You can also wear them with a basic T-shirt for a more offbeat look.

What to wear with men’s jean shorts

Jean shorts are as popular in the summer as regular jeans. In fact, thanks to their durable fabric and high-quality design, jean shorts might just be a better pick than their full-length counterparts. Jean shorts go with just about everything, and are done in a heavy-duty fabric for a supremely comfortable fit.

Jean shorts come in various fits and colors, allowing you to choose the pair that best expresses your own personal style.

Casual jean short style

Wear classic blue jean shorts with a tee or long sleeve shirt for the ultimate in relaxed fashion. Throw in some sporty shoes and you’re ready to face the day with style. Bloggers are creating new trends by wearing an elegant jean vest or jean jacket over their shirts and jean shorts. This multilayered look is super casual for the summer, and keeps you warm at night when the temperatures start to drop.

Chic jean short style

Jean shorts? Chic? That’s right, now you can use your jean shorts to create a chic and elegant look. Simply pair them with a button-down shirt and maybe a blazer, some sunglasses, and sneakers - and bingo! This look is perfect for the casino in Monaco or for cruising around in your convertible. We love the chic and relaxed style of jean shorts with button-down shirts!

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