Fine knitwear: well-dressed for every occasion

Knitwear is incredibly versatile and adaptable, just like us! Maybe that’s why we’re so attached to it. Fine knit shirts can be worn both in and outside the office. They’re always in style, no matter the season. Leif Nelson men’s knit shirts are made with a variety of patterns, colors, and fabric blends which make them irresistible to everyone, even those who might usually find them too boring. Our knit shirts boast designer details and sensational yokes. At Leif Nelson, classic items are revamped with modern style. Our men’s knitwear collection is characterized by its distinct and striking style. Check out our looks and see for yourself.

Knitwear for every occasion

Knitwear never goes out of style. It is an essential part of a layered winter look, goes perfectly under a lightweight jacket between seasons, and keeps the party going on cool summer nights. Knitwear works well as both a basic or an accessory, and is a must for any fashion-conscious hipster.

At Leif Nelson, we make our shirts with funky and eye-catching details to provide knitwear with a whole new reputation. Pair our knitwear with all your trendy looks and get ready to turn heads. The hippest street styles from the world’s biggest metropolises prove that knitwear is no longer something that needs to be covered up.

What is fine knit?

Unlike chunky knit, fine knit is thin and delicate. It is composed of extremely fine threads spun from thin fibers. These fibers provide knitwear with a relaxed and lightweight texture that is soft to the touch and a joy to wear.

Fine knit is softer and looser than chunky knit, and perfectly adapts to the shape of your body. Knitwear is therefore ideal for showing off your muscles!

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